Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break with the Lewis family

We just returned from a fun getaway with our friends. I captured all these pictures with my iPhone so there are several eyes closed and funny faces, but our reality. Enjoy a glimpse into our fun time. Pause Music before clicking on link.... :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Ears & KSBJ

Wanted to share what I wrote to KSBJ about Gage.

I am currently doing a bible/faith study called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp.  The book is basically Ann's journey to living fully right where she is---in the book she begins a gift list of all the things she is grateful for---from God.  She challenges herself to write 1000.  

I am also on this journey of writing down my gifts of gratitude to our Heavenly Father.  I have to say that writing down a continual list of gratitude really changes how you look at things.  It is impactful and I wanted to incorporate it into my children somehow.  So the last couple of weeks, on our 5 minute ride to school, we look outside our car and thank God for things we can see and things we can not see.  I have 3 boys and our typical wild ride to school has calmed down and is pretty exciting.  They have all said things that melt my heart and God's too, I'm sure.  The other morning, one of my 5 year old's (I have two), Gage, said a list of things he is thankful for that literally brought me to tears.  So in the spirit of my journaling, I grabbed my pen and wrote it down so I didn't forget.  This is what he said, "Thank you God for your love. Thank you for your peace. Thank you for the light in my heart (kind-of like the sun Mommy) and then he says---"Love can light up the darkness" REALLY???  

That day, I wrote in my journal #204 Grateful for my soulful 5 year old who is well beyond his years.  

Fast forward a week and we were on our way to church with some surprise passengers (my mom and her husband).  We don't see them very often.  I started telling them about my gratitude journal and what Gage said earlier in the week---(that I only remember because I wrote it down)---time has a funny way of making you forget.  Anyway, as I am telling them something to the effect of "Can you believe what my 5 year old said?" Gage hears what I said and he looks at me as serious and as a matter-of-fact as possible and says, "MOM, I hear that stuff on the radio ALL THE TIME!"

#241 - Thank you for KSBJ and their ministry that reaches little and big ears.
How could I not share this story with you?  Thank you so much for your ministry and all you do for this area.  I have listened to you for almost 10 years and God speaks to me all the time through the music you play.  89.3 is the only radio station that plays in my car, my boys sing the jingle K-S-B-J all the time.  They sing along with the music and it often melts my heart.  But seeing my 5 year old, turn words he had heard on the radio into PRAISE---humbles me to my knees.  Kids are always listening, whether we think they are or not, and I am so glad that your radio station offers me an opportunity to fill my kids with good.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Tanni Gerwick

Friday, January 6, 2012

Full Circle Moment

We started a new tradition this year in the Gerwick household.  Thank you pinterest and the woman who came up with it---I tried to find her link, but could not find it---so please make sure she gets the credit for the fabulous idea. 
Anyway--I saw this on pinterest 2 days before December 1st so I was a tailspin to try to get it all together.  Keeping it real--I did not have the project fully complete prior to us starting so we did miss a couple of days.  I tried not to sweat it too much because the boys were having a blast.  

On to the project, basically we counted down the 25 days til Christmas by doing a Random Act of  Christmas Kindness each day.  We called it being "RACK'd".  Each day we would read a scripture and a task for the day.  In the beginning of the project, it was hard for the boys to understand that they were not going to get anything in return for their act of kindness.  I would explain that we were doing something, never expecting anything in return.  We were just sharing God's love by being kind.  I also explained that "what goes around comes around" as in...if you give out kindness in the world, kindness comes back to you.  When I was teaching them about kindness coming back you, I never expected it to come full circle.  It! (make sure to read all the way to the end of pictures)
The boys really got into the project and loved being able to do nice things for people.  They even started thinking up ways they could do a personal act of kindness on their own.  I was truly amazed at how much they started to look for ways to be kind.  I am super excited to do this again next year and will plan accordingly and creatively.    

Advent Calendar - 25 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Each day had a scripture and task

Card we handed out when we did the RACK - this one pictured was "tape quarters to children's vending machines"

So here is our full circle moment---a couple of days after Christmas we went out to eat as a family.  We paid the bill and never looked back.  Almost a week passed, and I was packing up all the Christmas decorations and I noticed something taped on my window near the front door.  I saw an envelope that said "Happy New Year".  When I opened it, I saw some receipts and immediately thought one of Billy's old co-workers dropped something off for him.  I took it to him and he was unsure what it was so we clearly we needed to examine it a little further. We noticed a void on a receipt for the dinner we had almost a week ago.  The bill was almost $75 with tip and it was voided out, taped on our door with a happy new year & no name, I mean...really?!  As we started to process what had happened, we were in shock and also AMAZED.  Did this really just happen?  We just spent almost a month, doing random acts of kindness with our boys---NEVER expecting anything in return and here we were holding a voided receipt.  I can hardly explain how it made us feel, but it was pretty awesome--not only for us personally, but also because we know how all the people we touched felt when they received their RACK.

We have no clue who did this, but we thank you on so many levels.  
Happy New Year!

Voided Receipt