Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreaming of February

I don't know about you, but I am officially over the heat. It is mid September and still super hot here in Houston. Last night, I was shuffling through pictures of winter months---longing to wear long sleeves---when I came across these precious little pictures. The boys were playing outside in their "dress-up" clothes. I have no clue where Gage was during these shots, but Gavin and Grayson were having a blast riding their John-Deere and jumping on the trampoline.
Things that make me smile about these pictures:
1 - they are dressed up
2 - that the dress-up clothes are way too small---gavin has on a size 2 superman costume
3 - Grayson has no shoes on and it is clearly cold outside---it is February for goodness sake!
4 - that the dress-up clothes are put on over their pajamas---notice Gavin's yellow sponge bob jammies and also his black baseball socks with Crocs, how could that not make you smile? :)
5 - they have made toys out of the gumballs that fall from the trees in the winter
6 - they are having so much fun being together
Thanks boys for a sweet reminder of cool winter days!

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