Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Growing Boys

It has been several months since the boys turned 6 & 4 so we are well past their wellness visits. I typically don't like to go during the season of their birthday's because the doctors office is a germ fest. Anyway---we FINALLY went in for check-ups. They do adjust their ages on the growth charts to reflect years and months so Gavin's growth would be like 6 years and 5 months.

I have NEVER taken all they boys to a visit at the same time. This visit was a milestone for sure. They all did really well. Prior to this visit, the thoughts of bringing them all would create images in my head of monkey's caged in a very small cage swinging from wall to wall. Their energy can get overwhelming at times. You get the picture. I made sure Billy was available to help out--mainly because 2/3 of the boys had to get shots.
I prepared Gage & Grayson a couple of days before their visit that they were getting shots. We prayed about it, talked about it and they did extremely well. Grayson cried for less then 45 seconds and Gage was a little more upset but got it together before we left the office. He is definitely the more sensitive one---of the two, really of all of the boys. I finally felt at peace to give the MMR. I have always had anxiety going into the shots and this time---not so much. Praise God!
These boys are growing like weeds...
weight:52 1/2lbs (74%)
height: 48 1/2 in (88%)
weight: 40lbs (60%)
height: 42 1/2 in (75%)
weight: 37 1/2lbs (50%)
height: 41 1/2 in (55%)
We are gearing up for school starting next week. I am also traveling to Odessa for my grandparents 60th wedding annviersary on saturday. Grayson is going with me alone and we are flying. Should be fun. Hope to post pictures from our vacation soon. Our summer has been loads of fun.

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Our Life Together said...

Tanni,love the update on the boys! Hope you have a great trip too.