Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of 1st Grade

It seems like yesterday that I was posting about Gavin's first day of Kindergarten and here I am posting about his first day of 1st Grade!!!
How did this happen?

Gavin holding up one finger for 1st grade. He was eating his breakfast...per his request---blue eggs and bacon. I have no idea why he wanted blue eggs and I know what you are thinking----they look green. Well, I guess I did not put enough of the blue food coloring, but that did not matter to him. :)
I took a picture of his feet on the first morning of school last year. He has officially grown.

Gavin and Daddy

Gavin---a little scared and a little excited for his new adventures at school.

Gavin with his apple for his teacher. He was getting "embarrassed" that I was taking his picture while people were looking. And so it begins....

After the embarrassment, he took off and walked fast in front of me.

He was still cool enough to walk with his daddy and brothers.

Then he ditched us all....he knew where he was going.

At last, he arrived at his classroom and with a little persuasion, he let me take one last picture. Love you Gavin---one day would will be glad I took all these pictures.

Gavin loves his teacher already. After picking him up from school, I asked him what his favorite part was----he said, "everything". Last year it was lunch. :)
The next time I post about the first day of elementary school---Gage and Grayson will be included. Only a year from now....it will go fast.

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Hallie Marie said...

Oh my gosh, that almost made me tear up. when i took my 7th grade stepson (obviously a difference in age) he was too cool to walk with me and all his little siblings, although they chased him around the whole school, hehe! my twins probably wont go to kindergarten until 6 so i have more time to prepare for the waterworks =(