Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have always called the boys my 3 little monkey's. They really are similar....really they are...

See the resemblance?

I took this picture in June while doing a little photo shoot for Billy for Father's Day. We have never discussed imitating the monkey's pictured above. I guess it just comes natural! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toy Story

So-- if you have been on facebook, you would know that I have been cleaning the playroom in our house. I might have mentioned to the boys that we were going to dump all the toys out of the binds and go through them one by one. Gavin---being the leader that he is---took it upon himself to start the project without me. This was the result...

a HUGE pile of toys in the middle of the playroom. This was not EXACTLY what I meant when I said that we would dump them all out and go through them one by one. However, I can completely understand why Gavin thought that was what I meant.
Two days and many, many toys later, we finished our project. Let me correct myself---I finished the project. The boys were willing and able when the dumping was happening, but notsomuch---with the cleanup. :)
I think I removed 4-5 boxes of toys to sell/give away---remember that we have 3 kids---toys are coming out of our ears!!!
The good thing about going through the toys/sorting is that it makes the kids rediscover what they have.
This afternoon after church, Gavin decide that he wanted to have a sale. He initially wanted to do this outside in our front yard, but I convinced him that inside would be better. I offered myself as a customer and told him to set everything up like a store and I would come in and buy some things.
Shamefully, I am about to admit something I am not too proud of, but it is---what it is. We drive thru---somewhere, at least "onceish" a week to get food. GASP! I know---I am a bad mother. :) During my sorting, I made a basket of "toys from fast food" because Gavin likes to collect them. I was astonished that after several years of frequenting the drive thru's (x3 kids)--that we would end up with an ENTIRE basket of toys. SHAMEFUL--I tell you! :)
The upside is that Gavin rediscovered all of the fast food toys and placed them up for sale. There were even some "non" drive thru toys. He displayed them nicely. It was a proud moment for Momma :) I know the suspense is killing you---so here he is with his imaginary store---he created all on his own.
Customer #1 - Gage
Customer #2 - Grayson
The selection....

Displayed all nice...
Gage purchased a sheriff badge for $.25
Grayson purchased a bouncy ball for $.25
These drive thru toys are just happy to finally have a purpose in the Gerwick house.
Finally---the biggest rivals---Chick-filet vs. McDonalds---the winner depends on the judge---Mommy or the kids?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Day!

The kids had a blast shooting off fireworks for the 4th. I plan to add some more pictures, but for now here is one. The Lewis family has visited us the past several years on the 4th. I think it is a tradition. The kids have so much fun together and so do the adults. Looking forward to many years to come.

Gavin, Gage, Kyla, Ethan & Grayson