Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Things

As I laid in bed this morning, I noticed some little hand prints on our bedroom television. Honestly, I could not count how many times I have said---"Don't touch the TV, or get your hands off the TV." Seeing these little hand prints might at times ruffle my feathers. This particular morning, however, I started to enjoy the significance of those little hands prints and not the fact that I have to clean them off---once again!

Maybe it is because I have been home a couple of days without my children. Yup---it is probably that. :)

Maybe it is because I could lay in bed past 6:30 am without someone telling me that they are hungry or need help with something, or that their bed was wet for the balgillionth time. Yup--probably that too.

Or maybe it was because, this morning when I woke up, I decided that I was going to appreciate my life and where I am right now. I really do "try" to appreciate the daily "grid" of life. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes notsomuch.

But, today---TODAY, I am looking at these little hands and realizing that they will only be that small for a short time. They will only want to reach out and touch something on the TV that they love so much---probably Dora--for a tiny part of their life. And they may only want to hang out in my bedroom and watch Noggin for a short season. Before I know it, those little hands will be big hands and will be moving on from my bedroom.

Today, I chose to look beyond the mess, and see the life that is happening right in front of me. And today, I chose to take a deep breathe and enjoy all the details of my wild and crazy adventures of being mommy because before I know it---I will just be MOM.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Catch-Up

Honestly---I don't even know where to start. Life is one big whirlwind at our house and at times---I barely keep up with the kids so my blogging time has fallen. I am hoping that I can gain some blogging momentum over the summer and get back on track. We shall see?! Here is a quick catch up of what has been going on....not everything, but at least a glimpse. :)
Our BIG boy turned 6.

Silly boys on Billy's 39th birthday---you don't even know how hard it is to get them to look at the camera all at the same time. I am sure it is no indication of their energy level----HA! Probably so----they are super busy. :) At least you can see their personalities shining through.
This one----I am still a little shocked about. Gage & Grayson turned 4. Man they are growing up so fast. LOVE THEM!
Gavin completed a season of competitive t-ball. His schedule consisted of 2 games a week along with a practice. The schedule combined with a traveling husband lent itself to a wild and crazy momma. We managed to have a great time in the process.

Gavin started his first season of competitive swim in mid April. If I am being honest, I was not sure about swimming AT ALL. Billy and I never swam and had never thought about putting our boys into this sport. SURPRISINGLY---our whole family has enjoyed spending so much time together on Saturday mornings. We are all there supporting Gavin and our team. Gavin LOVES it and it is a great energy drainer. Win-win if you ask me.

6& Under Boys

Hopefully this has caught you up a bit. We are enjoying our summer so much. I am sure much more fun to come. :)