Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catch Up

Life has been super busy lately. Unfortunately my priority to the blog has gone down a bit. I am hoping to get back on track soon. In the mean time, I thought I would share a few things going on with us.

Billy took a new job a couple of months ago. This was a HUGE prayer answered in our house. He is working for someone who he worked for prior to his last job. The timing was perfect and he was excited to make the transition. We have all been adjusting since this new job requires ALOT more travel than his last one. We are all pretty well adjusted now, but it is still a challenge to be a single parent several days a week.

Gavin is loving Kindergarten. He has already had some interest in the girls. I try not to encourage it too much, but it is pretty funny. Not long after school started, Gavin would come home and asked me to make sure and fix his hair a certain way because a "specific girl" likes it that way. Funny! :) He has homework every week and it is getting a bit easier. It is a struggle to get him to write because he wants it to be he erases ALOT! I am starting to convince him that it is OK, that it is not is just good to get the practice.

Gage & Grayson are having a blast in their preschool. They love going Tuesday, Wed & Thursday. I think they would freely go everyday if I would let them. They want to be just like big brother Gavin. They are still doing speech. It is on Friday's. They are both progressing in the speech very well. Grayson just needs to work on clarity at this point. Gage is still working on the tension sound that he makes with his tongue. The speech pathologist says that his larynx is tense. So, probably lots more therapy for Gage. However, our new insurance does not cover speech so we are looking into some more options. Hopefully the school district will come through AND we can still do some private therapy.

I am loving the bible study that I am doing. God is amazing and I love growing closer to Him everyday. Billy and I are also doing a couple's study on the book Crazy Love. We are only through Chapter 4, but it is helping us take a very raw look at living a Christian life. Humbling, for sure.

We are all excited for the fall season. The boys are already playing in their Halloween costumes, maybe I will preview them before the holiday! It is too cute to see them playing so much.....such a difference from last year.

Blessings to all!


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Lacey said...

Too funny about the girls! Your boys seem so sweet. And love them on the house. The roof is always better mom!! Girls play on the inside, BOYS play on the roof!