Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Kindergarten Prayer

My very sweet friend, Darla, sent me this prayer a couple of weeks ago. Our boys are entering Kindergarten this year and we are both filled with many of the same anxieties and excitement. Her prayer for our boys was very heartfelt and relevant to anyone of us sending our children into the world, regardless of the grade they are entering. Please join me in lifting up Gavin and Nate as they embark on their new journey of Kindergarten. Also, if you want me to pray for your little one (or older one) starting school tomorrow, please leave me a comment and I will prayer for them.
Thank you Darla for your sweet words.

God, please slow our paces and help us to enjoy the moments of this new adventure - school. Watch over Gavin and Nate while they are away from us 5 days a week.
Guide their paths right now into the classroom - designed by You - with the teachers and classmates that are a perfect fit.
Be with us, their mommies, give us Godly wisdom that surpasses worldly information, suggestions, research, well meaning advice and even our best intentions......... You be in charge of their lives and raise them up, Lord.
Protect their every step.
Help us not to get in the way, but to be your hands and feet and to love them like only You can.
Pick us up when we make mistakes and help us to learn from them.
Encourage and refresh us daily.
Praise be to You, alone, for these precious boys!


Kimberly said...

I will be praying for Gavin tomorrow! Please keep Ryan and Riley in your prayers on Tuesday, starting a new school with all new friends and Riley's 1st time to be away from home! They need emotional strength and physical protection against germs (especially for Riley!). Love you!

Toni said...

That is so sweet. I will be praying for Gavin as he starts out on a brand new adventure! Let us know how it goes!