Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nemo in training

A couple of weeks ago, the boys all took swim lessons. We found a woman (Miss Teena) who teaches out of her backyard. She requires you to drop the kids off for 30 minutes and asks you to leave while the lessons are going on. The lessons are 1 on 1. She hires young girls to help her out in the pool. This was a great concept for me since the boys tend to seek/ fight for my attention. We had the best experience ever! I highly recommend her and if you want her information, just let me know. After 2 weeks of lessons, Gavin is completely swimming. Gage & Grayson know how to jump in, hold their breath and come to the top of the water. Our pool experience since the lessons has been really much that we would love a pool in our backyard...too bad the budget does not allow for that at the moment. Maybe in the next couple of years. :)
Thank you Miss Teena for such an awesome experience. The boys still talk about you and ask when we are coming back to your house. :)

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