Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Buddies

A few weeks ago, Gavin had is first sleep over (or sleep away). He spent the night at his life long friends house, Nate. Gavin and Nate have known each other since the first few months of their birth. Their birthdays are only 4 days apart and throughout their first 5 years, they have shared many memories together. It was fun for me to go down memory lane with these boys. I hope you enjoy watching them grow as much as I did.
I can not believe they will start Kindergarten in a month! :) :(

Nate & Gavin - June 2009

Nate & Gavin prior to 6 months (Caden is in there too)

We love our binkies!

With our Dad's at the beach.

Chillin in the backyard

Sharing our 2nd birthday - we are cool like that!

Wondering what these two babies are suppose to do?

Astronaut & Race Car driver---we like to drive anything we can get our hands on!

Excited for Santa to come!

Sharing our 3rd birthday (same party)

We are in disguise.

Look at the water, NO---you look at the water! :)

Could we be Woody (technically a cowboy with vampire teeth) & Buzz Lightyear?

We love dinosaurs!

We love Jesus!

We love Lily Claire & silly faces.

Caden, Gavin & Nate

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