Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gavin is Moving On

Well, today was Gavin's last day of preschool.....forever! Crazy, I know! If I said I was not a little choked up, I would be lying. Today has been a little emotional. I know that I am going to be a basket case in August when he starts Kindergarten. :) Gavin has attended Kids of the Kingdom (KOK) preschool for 3 years and Gage and Grayson just finished their first year. We have loved this little school and will continue to love it....just now, without Gavin going there. SOB!
Last week, KOK hosted an open house along with a small program for the Pre-K4 kids.

We visited Gavin's classroom and he had a surprise for us.

His sweet little hand and a flower. Now, look a little closer at the hand behind his, it is Lily Claire's hand print. Lily Claire use to live across the street from us in Harper's Landing and her family is in the process of moving close to us again. YEAH! Gavin and Lily Claire will attend the same elementary school. Pretty cool for Gavin since he has know Lily Claire since birth.

Gavin's whole bear class.

Daddy & Gage. We also visited the bunny class aka Gage & Grayson's classroom. They hand made us some cool hand prints too.

Here are all my boys. I really tried to get a good picture, but it was not happening. At least I got a couple of smiles.

Grayson and Mommy

Brothers anxiously awaiting Gavin to come out and do his presentation.

Gavin waving as he walks by.

Gavin and his whole bear class.

Gavin after his "graduation". He received a Jesus necklace & a bible to take home.
Gavin has also been a little sad today. I know he will miss his school friends, but will soon make some new ones as he embarks on his journey to elementary school.

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