Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Giveaway

Today is Good Friday and in honor of our savior Jesus Christ, I want to give away a neat prize. If you have never seen a Clinging Cross, they are pretty cool. It is a palm size cross that remarkable fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. I use mine all the time when I pray, it is a tangible reminder of the love and sacrifice of Jesus. I am a sales rep for Not So Plain Jane. I love being able to share Christ by selling and giving away these crosses.

Here is how to enter the contest.
- Leave a comment telling me why you would like one. It can be for yourself or for someone else. I have found that I almost always know someone who needs one.
- If you read my blog, become a follower so that I know that you are reading and so I can follow your blog if you have one. :)
- Remember that the greatest moment in our history is not Jesus dying on the cross, it is his RESURRECTION.

The contest will end at 12pm on Easter Sunday. I will post the winner soon after. :)



Lisa said...

Like most moms, you'll buy something for a friend, but often won't spend the money on yourself. This is true too of the clinging cross. I've always wanted one, but haven't spent the money on myself. In those times of darkness, how great it would be to have a clinging cross to take hold of.

The Rypple Effect said...

Well, I think the words say it all...clinging cross. These last few months I have been getting my body better prepared to do IVF again. I havn't had much to cling to except the word of God. The next few months that are coming up will be trying and a test of our faith. Being the 3rd try...and 2 failures in our past...I don't want doubt what I know is true...God can do anything. That cross would be a wonderful reminder of his power!

Lacey said...

Awww..what a sweet idea! I must admit that I had to google a clinging cross because I have never heard of one before. What sweet gift to give to those who are going through a hard time, or to keep for yourself for when you need it. I love that you pray with it. Probably helps make you feel closer to God. Who wouldn't want that???

Kelly Sharer said...


Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog, so I thought I would email you.

Last weekend (4/4), my brother married a wonderful girl. He is 35 and he has been ready to get married for a number of years now. He finally found the right girl, and I believe in happily ever after for them! They are in Rome now on their honeymoon and will be attending Easter Mass at the Vatican. Your cross would be a beautiful wedding present and a lovely remembrance of their wedding/honeymoon – especially in light of the recent, tragic events that have unfolded in Italy.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kelly Sharer

Preecemom said...

I already have a cross (thank you, Tanni), but just thought I'd tell everyone how absolutely fabulous mine is. It's fits everyone's hands from my 5 year old to my husbands. My 7 year olds favorite thing to do is get my cross out of my purse (I carry it everywhere) and say her prayers with it. I think your contest is fabulous!