Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekend Away

We were blessed to be able to getaway this past weekend with some old friends from college. Our friends, Gary & Laura Koop own a beach house in Galveston and they graciously invited our family and the Mayhaw family to come and visit them. Thankfully their house withstood hurricane Ike without major damage. They did have to replace everything on the lower level, but all in all their house held up well.
Galveston is still recovering from the storm. They are rebuilding all over the place, but you can still tell that a major storm attacked the area. There were random things all over the place, stores closed, bridges washed away. There was one beach house that I saw with the entire back of the house ripped off. You could still see the people's furniture in the house. I am sure the people there are still dealing with alot.
The beach house.

All the kids at breakfast.


Gage checking out the water.

Gage & Grayson very excited about the water coming in and going back out. Yes, they are in their PJ's. The morning came really early with all the kids in the house. We went down to the beach on a whim in the am so they were still in their PJ's. This was our only beach outing so I am glad I grabbed the camera. :)

Grayson running from the water.

The kids playing in the sand.

Gage running from the water.

Lily & Gavin

More running from the water...yes it was cold.

Gage's little feet.

Grayson's little feet.

We finally lost the PJ's. :)

We did not get as much beach time as we had hoped because the wind was blowing so hard that if you walked outside, sand was in your eyes. So we did some other fun things. We went to the Rainforest Cafe. Gavin & Grayson loved it. Gage was terrified and sat through lunch without one sound. After we ate lunch, we went to Moody Gardens and walked through the aquarium. All the kids enjoyed the outing. Sorry for no pictures of that. I decided to keep my camera covered and away from any sand that might have blown into the lens.
It was nice to escape the day to day grind. Thanks for having us Koops!


Lacey said...

Love that picture of Grayson. Looks like a fun time. Are the restaurants all open?? We'll have to make a trip there soon.

Kimberly said...

hi! they are cute and Gage and Grayson are getting so big! Especially with their big boy haircuts :) any birthday party plans in thr works? or are you going light this year on plans? I can't believe they are turning 3 and Gavin is turning 5 soon! The gap between Ryan and the twins is getting smaller and smaller...

Amy said...

Glad you guys got away for a while, that is always fun! Cute pictures on the beach.