Monday, March 9, 2009

Tis the season for grandparents! :)

This weekend, we had a awesome visit from Billy's parents or Grannie & Grandpa as the boys would call them. They came in on Friday afternoon and spent until Monday mid-day with us. The boys always enjoy getting to visit with their grandparents. And we like it too, it gives is a little break from our daily life. Billy and I actually worked in our yard for the first time in a year....and went on a date. Thanks Grannie and Grandpa for coming to visit and loving all of us so much! :)
Here are some pictures that I took after church on Sunday.
Grandpa & Grannie

Grandpa, Grannie & Gavin

Grandpa, Grannie, Gavin & Gage (too hard to get him to look!)

Grandpa, Grannie, Gavin, Gage & Grayson (who was clearly not cooperating!)


Here is Gage...taking his turn at throwing a fit! :)

Billy with his parents.

Gavin being silly.

Gavin has found a NEW place for his tongue since his teeth are gone.

Grayson and what happens when the "pollen" starts coming out. Kleenex anyone?

Billy was a little frustrated with the multiple fits we had trying to get some pictures. It all turned out honey!

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Kimberly said...

I am used to seeing Gavin and Gage with short(er) hair, but Grayson looks SO BIG with his short hair! These are some really great pictures.. I love your new camera and am saving up.. I will need some pointers once I get it (hopefully in the next month or so)!