Friday, March 20, 2009

Incredible Pizza

Over spring break, we decided to venture to Incredible Pizza for some nice family time. As you can tell, we are starting to get out and about more. The boys are all growing up and definitely getting to the more "manageable" stage. We are really enjoying branching out more. This trip to incredible pizza was Gavin's second time, but the twins first time. I am sure we will be going back.
We did have one hiccup, though. I don't know if you remember my post a few weeks ago about Gage and the Rainforest Cafe, but I described his behavior as terrified. He did not like that place and wanted to leave; however, we were with a group of people so he had to work it out. Fast forward to our trip to Incredible Pizza...we got there, ate, and had so much excitement about going and playing games. When we finally did get to the play area, Gage started to FREAK out. He was scared and wanted to leave. Billy took Gavin & Grayson off to play and I sat with Gage trying to calm him down. It took about 30 minutes, but he did finally calm down and was able to have some fun. Because this happened two times within weeks of each other, I tried to find the common denominator. At first, I thought it was the dark and the noise, but they both also had Gorillas and after narrowing it down more....I think it was the Gorillas. Poor little Gage! He is terrified of Gorillas. I will be having a conversation with his doctor the next time we see him because I felt like it sent Gage into a full blown panic attack. I did not even know that was possible, but when I looked it up on the Internet he met many of the symptoms. I am glad we stuck it out and showed him that this place was still fun. He did eventually snap out of it and returned to his normal animated self.
Gage riding the horse.

Sweet little boy hands.

Gage driving the car without having to add coins. We are definitely taking advantage of these days, before we know it all three of them will know that coins are required to really play. :)

Gage, Grayson & Daddy

Gage & Gavin

Sweet little face, but still scared a bit.

What we "won" with all our tickets.

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