Monday, March 23, 2009

Houston Rodeo 2009

We visited the Houston Rodeo for the first time and will definitely be making it an annual trip. Honestly, we were a little skeptical of how the boys would do, but they pleasantly surprised us. They were completely entertained and they obeyed so well. We were very proud of them. We were at the rodeo for over 4 hours and did not take a stroller or wagon. (so they walked the entire time) If you can tell by the pictures, I left my favorite camera at home. Next on the list to purchase, is a backpack for the camera so I can easily carry it anywhere.

This is the very first amusement ride for all 3 of the boys. It spun in circles, so I watched from afar. My stomach can not take spinning.

Gavin wanted a cowboy hat the moment we arrived at the Rodeo. Then he wanted boots, a rope and a ride on horse....we will have to work on getting him the rest.

We did not make any of the shows, but it did not seem to matter to the boys. They loved looking into the arena.

Grayson admiring the bee exhibit.

Those are some BIG longhorns!

Grayson's first taste of cotton candy.
Gavin's first taste of cotton candy. Gage would not try it, don't ask! :)


Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

Looks like a really fun family day!

Amy said...

Glad you guys had fun. I think it is a great family fun day.

Lacey said...

What fun!! But what is really on my mind as I read your post is how can a kid not eat cotton candy?? LOL. Cute, pics...I didn't bring my good lens to the rodeo is too big to carry around all day. But your pics still turned out great. :)