Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Birthday Surprise

Gavin had a HUGE birthday surprise and I mean that in a literal sense. Papa & Mia showed up at our door with a real live pony. His name was Izzy and he spent the night in our backyard. Gavin, Gage & Grayson were more than elated to have their very own pet pony. Everyone took turns riding him and have missed him since he has left.

Grayson's little hands...holding on tight!

My little cowboy, thanks to Mia & Papa!

If I am being honest, which I tend to be, I was a little worried about having a farm animal in my backyard. Especially since the surprise was also for me. However, after the shock wore off, I embraced having this little pony in my backyard. The boys loved every minute of it and I know that Gavin will remember this for his entire life. Thank you Papa & Mia for pony surprise. I know it took some planning on your part and it meant the world to Gavin.


Lacey said...

Wow...what a birthday surprise!! I bet they were THRILLED!! Looks like Gavin had a FUN and memorable birthday. :)


Nothing like a pony staying over! That is too cool and a birthday I am sure he will remember forever.

Toni said...

Oh how fun!! A real pony- every kids dream!