Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Tribulations

Here is a picture of Gavin and myself at his Valentine's Day party. Billy and I were both able to attend and I forgot my camera, but Billy was able to pull out his NEW iphone and snap a shot. I guess the good thing about forgetting your camera, is that you actually make it in the picture.

I have to tell on myself!
Prior to getting to this party, I experienced multi-tasking at its finest. NOW, some of you may say that I was waiting until the VERY last second to get something done, but I just cannot agree with me I was getting the job done and at a rapid pace.
Now, onto the story. I waited until 2 hours before Gavin's party to purchase Valentine gifts for his teachers. I was unsure if I was even going to buy Valentine gifts, but then I started thinking about what the teachers do for the kids each week and decided to find something....last minute, of course!
I happened to be in Kohl's after my bible study and somehow the time got away from me.... so I was possibly running a little late for the party. Thankfully, I found some cute valentine towels, 50% off, for the teachers, but not before I found a few things for myself. Anyway, since I was running a little late, I had to also purchase cards, bags & tissue paper at Kohl's. Can anyone relate? Good thing for that extra 15% I got off my total purchase. After I went through the checkout, I was basically running to my car. I had no idea how I was going to get all of these gifts wrapped and cards filled out....AND make it to the party on time.
Here is where the multi-tasking came into play. I figured my best bet was to wrap these gifts, in the car, on my way to the party. Before you think I was recklessly driving, I did not do this when the car was in motion. I waited until I hit a red light to start the process. There were 3 red lights that enabled me to finished my task.
  • At the first red light, I took everything out of the Kohl's bags, took the prices off, and got the cards ready to be filled out.
  • At the second light, I signed the cards and licked the envelopes.
  • At the third light, I folded the towels down into the bags and I nixed the tissue paper to save time.
As I pulled into the parking lot of the kids school, I had accomplished my task. I bought presents, signed cards, and wrapped presents for all 4 of the kids teachers....all before getting to the party.
Who said waiting until the last minute was a bad thing?

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