Monday, February 2, 2009

Silly Little Boys

You would think that coloring would be a quiet activity, but not in the Gerwick household. We can make anything loud if we try.

Here are some plain old crayons, typically used for coloring on paper, but let's see how Gage and Gavin turn this activity in something much more fun and loud, of course!

Here is Gage, dumping all 48 crayons out of the box.

Now, here is Gavin stirring them around and picking them up and drop them over and over again to see how much noise he can make.

Here is Gage attempting to put the crayons away...a whole handful at a time. I wonder if this is any indication of his future personality? :)

Oh...and here is Grayson, watching quietly as his brothers make a mess of the crayons. He is definitely our more quiet one, unless by chance you make him mad...then you will know for much longer than you would ever want to. That boy can definitely make some noise if he wants to be heard.
Writing this brings me back to a time when I loved to color. I had many coloring books and would only color on one page at a time, quietly. I would use one crayon and put it back before I got another one, never thinking that I should dump the whole box out. I even remember liking all the colors to stay in the same order as they were originally packaged, so when I took one out I would put it back exactly where it came from. Was this behavior any indication of my personality, absolutely! Even though I don't have the same personalities as my boys, they teach me so much about life on daily basis. I am so blessed to be their mom....even in the chaotic noise of these silly little boys. God chose me for a reason and I am honored to do the job.


Toni said...

Your little boys are so cute! Love that you were OCD about your crayons, that is totally something I would do!

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

I can tell this is how my youngest is going to be. He can't sit still though either... busy little bee, all.the.time! Momma is tired....