Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goofing Off

One afternoon over the Christmas break, the boys decided to play in my closet. Grayson thought he was cool in his sun glasses and Gavin wanted to play in the snow (pretend, of course!) with his scarf and headband/earmuffs. Just some good old pretend play for the boys. If you are wondering where Gage is, this was a day that he was really sick and was laying in bed watching TV. I guess he was missing out on the goofing off! :)


Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

They do look ready for some snow, but you'd have to pack them up and leave the good ol' state of Texas to find it!

Lacey said...

So cute....did you get a new lens or did you figure out the blur on Manual? Great pictures- love the scarves!