Friday, January 2, 2009

The Christmas that almost happened...

Well, our visit with Mia and Papa was short lived. We were suppose to spend the entire weekend after Christmas with them and also my sister Kelli and her family, however our weekend plans came to a screeching halt when Kelli's family got a stomach bug. My sister and family drove from Lewisville almost to Conroe and called to suggest that they stay in a hotel due to the stomach bug. Mia and Papa were gracious enough to go and get the girls from my sister hoping to save them from getting sick. However, we felt it was best to limit exposure to our family since the girls were already exposed to the virus. Long story short, Christmas was cancelled for our family. I was pretty upset in the moment, but soon realized that it was all in God's plan because our family came down with a cold/flu. A cold/flu would not have been a great mix with a stomach bug, so praise God for the way everything happened.
We were blessed to get to spend the day with Mia & Papa before they left. The boys really enjoyed their time with them. Here are some pictures from our day at The Woodlands Waterway.
Mia & Grayson

Papa & Gavin

Gage on the boat at the Waterway.


The boys & Papa

Gage really taking in the boat ride.

Is this a picture of me? Wow! It is Gage & Mommy! :)

Trying to get all three of them in a picture.

The boat we all rode on.

Our walk to restaurant to eat lunch.

Grayson holding Mia & Papa's hands.

Cool picture of some berries on a tree. I know it is a little off topic, but I took it on the same day, same trip. This new camera is really neat!

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Cute hat your wearing!! Noah has that same outfit Gavin has on!!