Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures with Santa

This week we decided to go and see Santa. We were not sure how it was going to go because last year, Gage flipped out and the kids Santa picture turned into a family portrait. To our surprise, everyone was really excited to see Santa.

Here is Gage & Grayson running in to see him.

Everyone patiently waiting for their turn.

Gavin was overjoyed and jumped into Santa's arms. I hope Santa does not have back problems. :)

You can see the pure joy written all over Gavin's face.

We did have a bit of a challenge getting them all to look at the camera and smile. They all wanted to stare at him and Grayson kept his mouth open for most of the photo shoot. Gavin asked for his "own" gingerbread house and an ornament. He is really engrossed in everything we are doing this year to prepare for Christmas. Gage just had an inner giggle. He was so happy to be sitting in his lap.

Gage & Grayson

Sweet picture of Gage's hand sitting on top of Santa's.


Lisa said...

Those are such sweet pictures that will make great memories in the years to come! What excitement and enthusiasm...and to know that we can go to our Abba Father with just as much gusto!

Lacey said...

Those pictures are soooo cute. I especially love the one of Gavin jumping onto Santa...Santa looks surprised. I was LOL. Too cute. they are so sweet. Don't you just love the pure joy of kids? Too cute.

Lacey said...

p.s. Are you loving your camera?? i have a lens for you to buy if you don't already have me. :)

Wendy said...

Great pictures! I could 'feel' the excitement and emotion through them. You did really good! Glad this year's visit went so much better than last years.