Thursday, December 11, 2008

Married with Kids----Age 4

Well, I knew it would not last for long, but Gavin has moved on. He no longer wants to marry his mommy. Yes, it is a sad day for me, but it is also sweet to hear him talking about someone he innocently cares about.

The past few days he has added his preschool love to his prayer list in the evening. He has really taken to a girl in his class and as far as I can tell, the feelings are mutual. After school today, were we doing our normal talks about the day and Gavin started telling me a story. Here is how it went.

T - How was your day?
G - Good, I am going to marry Libby, Mommy.
T - You are?
G - Yes, and after we get married we are going to have 69 babies.
T - Thought in my mind....What!?
T - Really, that is alot of babies.
G - Before we have the babies, we are going to get a car.
T - A car, what do you need a car for?
G - To go to the hospital.
T - What are you going to the hospital for?
G - To have the babies cut out of our (he thinks he can have babies, even though I tell him only girls can have babies) bellies, like you Momma. (I did technically have 2 babies via c-section. He just does not know how he was born. I guess I have to work on this, but please God can I have a little more time!)
T - What kind-of car are you going to get?
G - A school bus
T - A school bus? Why do you need a school bus?
G - So I can take all my kids to preschool.

At this point, I could not take anymore of the conversation because I was giggling inside. He is very sweet and innocent. I hope to keep it that way forever! I am guessing that they were playing house at school today.

This was going to be a picture-less post, but as I was typing Gavin came in with his back-pack and pulled out his artwork from the day. He told me that he and Libby did artwork for each other. The pictures are of the artwork Libby gave him. One is of him and Libby and the other one...from what I can tell they were exchanging phone numbers. Ours ends in 5510.

Lord, please calm my anxious heart and prepare me for what's to come.


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Kimberly Bledsoe said...

this is really funny and I love the school bus part! gavin will be such a good catch for a super-sweet, mother-in-law-loving little girl...