Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ginger Bread House

Assembling a ginger bread house is another Christmas tradition we do in our house. The boys literally could not wait to put the thing together. I honestly think they ate more candy than they put on the house, but I guess that is the fun of it. Next year, we will be buying 3 so that everyone can make their own house. We realized that it was needed when Gavin asked Santa for his "own" ginger bread house for Christmas.
Grayson's surprise when we brought the box out.

The boys helping Daddy get ready to put it together.

The candy, of course!

Daddy has improved from last year, believe it or not! :)

It looks so good...I could eat it!

More eating of the candy.

Close to finished.

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Ashley said...

Cute! We do that with Mimi and Grandpa as our tradition. We will make ours Friday and they will each get their own. I could just hear Kaden getting mad at Brynn if they shared one.....