Monday, December 15, 2008


I know many of you received this in the mail, but I am posting here for anyone who did not and also for the blog book that I am putting together after the first of the year. :)

This year has been another exciting and challenging year for the Gerwick Family. Tanni is usually the one that handles this letter every Christmas and she does a fantastic job putting it together, but this year it is my turn. The reason I am writing this year is because Tanni has gotten a promotion. She is now blogging about our journey as a family ( every few days. It is an awesome gift she is giving our boys in the future. Please feel free to visit the website anytime to see what is going on with our family. Now I guess I will get started with our year in review.

At the beginning of the year, I completed my 3rd marathon with my friends Eriek and Frank. After training for a couple of years, Eriek and I finally got to complete a marathon together. Thanks for hanging with me Eriek. In February, Tanni and I took to take a trip to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, thanks to Pitney Bowes and a little selling on my part. It was a nice and relaxing time. A funny story from the trip was when we flew on a small plane over to the island from San Juan. Tanni was (Seat 10 A) and Billy was (Seat 11 A). We were boarding for our final destination and they called seats 1-10. The airline singled Tanni out because she had not walked up to the gate yet. She tried to explain to them that she was waiting for me, but they informed her that I would be right behind her so she went ahead and boarded the plane thinking that I was right behind her. I soon realized that I was definitely behind her, just behind her on a separate plane. Seats 1-10 were on one plane and 11-20 on another. After the shock of us being on separate plans wore off, it made for a great story. We enjoyed our time in St. Thomas and made sure on our flight back to San Juan we were on the same plane! J We officially moved into our new house in Spring, Texas in February. We are excited to finally be settled. We look forward to the new relationships that will be built from our move. The boys and I had a wonderful spring with all of our birthdays within 20 days of each other. We had our first party in our house celebrating everyone’s birthdays. In May, Tanni and I we went to Arizona (again with Pitney) and the boys stayed behind with Grannie and Grandpa.

The summer was full of fun and adventure. We bought the boys a big 6 foot waterslide and put it up in the back-yard. Sun, water, toys, and friends made for an awesome summer. Gavin did his first year of vacation bible school and really loved it. We walked in our very first 4th of July parade with the multiples group Tanni is involved in. It was quite the adventure for the boys. Also in July, Tanni did her big whole show in Chicago for the items she sells. Kathy & Frank Lewis met us there for a part work/part fun trip. Thanks guys for joining us. We had a great time. Gavin started his first T-ball season in August and had a great season. I see more t-ball in the future, with all the boys. The hardest part about t-ball was keeping Gage & Grayson off the field. We also celebrated our 9th year of marriage and yes, we are still happily married, even after 3 kids. We are both committed to our relationship and growing together each year. At the end of August, the boys were all getting ready to go to pre-school. Since all the boys were going to school, Maria (our Nanny of two years) moved on. We truly miss her. She was a great instrument in helping us nurture and guide our boys. You will always be apart of our family Maria! J

The fall started off with us making a trip to see our good friends, the Lewis Family, in Prosper for Labor Day weekend. We were able to see many of our friends and their kids. The boys started pre-school the following week and then HURRICANE IKE hit us! That changed a lot of things. We decided to “hunker down” for the storm. It was quite the experience and pretty scary to see what sustained winds can do to a wooded area. We were very blessed having no damage to our home, but many folks in our neighborhood were not so lucky. Our worst damage was the loss of power for 8 days. The first couple of days without power was actually fun. It was essentially glorified camping, but as the temperature started going up, and there was no ice, food, etc; around town. We packed up the car and headed back to Prosper and spent solid week with the Lewis family. God bless them and their new house because it fit us all so nicely! I will say I am proud to be a Texan. You truly can see the character of people in the event of a natural disaster…and for the most part—people around here bonded together. Houston (eventually) got back to normal. By then it was time for pumpkin patches and Halloween. We had a wonderful time trick or treating in our new neighborhood and really had a great time meeting all of our neighbors. We spent our first Thanksgiving in our new house with my parents and are preparing for our first Christmas here. This Christmas is going to be so much fun because everyone really gets what is going on. We are already singing Christmas songs and talking about the REAL meaning of Christmas. Grayson thinks every baby is “baby Jesus” and to him Christmas lights are “Pipmas lights.”

As I look back over the year, I used our family blog to remind me of the events. Everyday I get frustrated, tired, and short-tempered with my job, politics, wife, and yes even those wonderful boys. In the moment, life is so stressful. That is just it; I have trouble handling the moment. As I have gone back through the blog with all of the memorable stories and great pictures, I could not quit smiling. I am overcome with happiness and joy. I have a wonderful family and beautiful boys. I wish I could always be thinking like that in “the moment!” This year was much tighter financially, but we faithfully put our trust in God. We all have uncertainty in our lives such as politics, job, finances, relationships and health. There are many things we cannot control, but there is one constant. It is God and the blessings He gives us everyday. God is always there, whether you seek him or not, he is chasing you and trying to know you more deeply. The question we should ask ourselves is... “Are we moving slow enough, in the race of life, to let Him catch up to us? Humbly, sometimes we have to reflect back before our eyes are truly open. This is why I like this letter so much. It initiates reflection in my life and allows me to see more of my day to day blessings. Thanks be to God.

God Bless you and your family in 2009.
The Gerwick Family
Billy, Tanni, Gavin, Gage & Grayson


Wendy said...

Your card and Billy's letter came out great! Thanks!

Lacey said...

Love the Christmas letter. My husband does one also and I am always anticipating it being finished- so fun. And I LOVE your Christmas card-such fun little smiles.