Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deck the Halls

We are finally all decked out at the Gerwick house. I honestly never thought I was going to get it all done. It seems like every year there is more to do than the previous one. With all the craziness, I don't want to forget why we are celebrating. It is not for the decorations, it is not for the presents, it is not for Santa. It is for the gift that God gave us with the birth of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. He is the Christ in Christmas. He is the birthday boy. Please join me this season as I remind myself everyday what the true meaning of the Christmas is about...Jesus' birth and the birth of our salvation on earth.
Here are some pictures over the past week of decorating. Yes, it took us all week! :) Billy started the process in the yard the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanks honey for all your hard work.
Here is the beginning of the project. The first time we looked at our floor plan, I knew exactly where my Christmas tree would go; however, I thought it would look perfect with a really tall tree. I purchased a new 9 foot tree 2 years ago, so I could not justify replacing it with a 12 foot one that I knew would fit perfect in its place. So, I improvised. I asked Billy to build me a cube to sit my tree on top give the illusion of more height. He did a great job after a few...discussions on how it should be built! :) Thanks for loving me honey!
Here is the cube up close.

Here is the final product. I covered the cube/stand with red wrapping paper and my normal tree skirt. If you can not tell, there are alot of ornaments on the tree. Just how I like it.

The real reason for the season!

Ornaments - Up close

Cute Santa

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