Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve - Santa

In preparation for Santa, we fed the reindeer, looked on the Internet to track Santa (Santa is high tech, if you didn't know), and we sat out cookies.

Here are the boys eagerly going outside to leave the reindeer food.

Gavin, Gage & Grayson leaving food in the lawn. The reindeer's have a busy night ahead of them, you know!

Daddy and boys tracking Santa on the Internet. They could find out how far he was from our house. Better get to bed boys!

Here is what Santa left the boys, I was able to sneak some pictures before they boys woke up.

The true meaning of Christmas, Jesus. Here is the completed manger scene. I know it had an impact on Gavin because his teacher from the Christmas Eve service said that Gavin really knew the Christmas story.

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