Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 Little Helpers

If you were wondering why it took us and entire week to decorate, here is your answer. Gavin, Gage & Grayson. They love all the decorations and everything that goes with it, but it creates an unwanted distraction in the house. Hopefully, the newness will wear off and they will learn to look and not touch so much. Gavin is at a great age to be helpful with the decorating. He helped Daddy unload the attic and he helped me put all the ornaments on the tree. We have only broke one ornament so far, and Grayson was the culprit. Tis the season! Blessings, Tanni
Gavin helping Mommy decorate
Same child, same project, different day

Gage helping mommy decorate

Grayson amazed with the Christmas tree

Grayson loving the tree

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