Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekend Visitors

We had a nice visit with Grannie & Grandpa this weekend. The boys love having them here and Gavin was really upset when they left. The significance of grandparents is immeasurable. It is refreshing to have my kids loved from so many directions. Thank you for loving them like you do and thank you for loving us like you do. :)
Gavin taught Grannie a new trick this weekend and it was called PlayStation. He has been into playing the game Lego's Star Wars and of course he wanted to teach his Grannie. The game has a 2 player option where you both play at the same time. He was teaching her all the buttons to hit. It definitely gave me a nice chuckle and I am sure Grannie was laughing to. I bet she never thought she would learn how to play a video game.
We attempted to take a family pictures of the Gerwick boys - 3 generations. As you can see in the pictures, it was hard to get everyone to look at the same time and Gage was throwing a fit. Oh, well...we still captured a moment and it was timeless, right?

Enjoy the pictures!

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