Saturday, November 29, 2008


After the post about my homemade cupcakes, I thought I should come clean about what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am thankful for Dickey's BBQ, why you ask? Because they cooked my entire Thanksgiving meal except the homemade cupcakes and a wonderful homemade pecan pie. I ordered the entire meal from Dickey's and picked it up on Wednesday. Oh yes I did! And honestly, I loved every minute of it.
Keys to a good Thanksgiving meal:
1 - The food was great.
2 - It was all ready at the same time.
3 - There were plenty of leftovers.

I think I accomplished my goal and with alot less stress. Thank you Dickey's for making my Thanksgiving stress free, now can you help out with my kids?

Kidding aside, I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am thankful for my wonderful husband and children. They make my world spin around and I treasure my life with them. I am thankful for my friends and family and the relationships that we have. I am thankful for my church. I am thankful that I live in a country where I can worship my Lord and Savior without persecution, for now. There is so much to be thankful for everyday, but sometimes so much going on that we forget to be thankful. Let us not forget everyday to be grateful for the little things in our lives. The little things are what sometimes make the biggest difference.

If you are taking time to read my blog, thank you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read about me and my family. I love this blog and it means so much to me to share myself with my friends, family and the blogging world. You reading it, is a LITTLE action with a BIG impact. Thank you! :)

I would love to hear from you if you feel led to comment.



Kimberly Bledsoe said...

We are thankful for you guys, and are glad you had a wonderful holiday! Let's try and get together before Christmas, even if it is only for the day. We can drive over.. I am thinking fajitas and margaritas by the sandbox at Lupe Tortillas? We are busy this weekend (polar express train ride), but are free on 12/13 or 14 and 12/20 or 21.. are you guys free?
And by the way, Ryan LOVES his McQueen doodle pro, and sleeps with it at night, and talks about the boys. We have been talking about what we are thankful for, and the gift came on Friday, so that night when he was saying what he was thankful for, he said "my new McQueen toy and Gavin, Gage and Grayson, and when am I seeing them?"

Wendy @ Ruen's on the Run said...

Glad you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving!! Come see us soon!!