Saturday, November 8, 2008

100th Post - Special Guest Blogger - Daddy (AKA Billy)

I am honored. we go. I decided to take Gavin to work because it "was" going to be a quick in and out day at the office and I knew he would enjoy it. He has been to work with me once before and he loved it. So why do little kids like what we dread?
Most mornings (er uh) mid mornings, I am fighting traffic, yelling at cars, screaming at folks to know where they are going or get off the road....(Is this your first time downtown? Moron) OH SORRY! Started doing it, again. But this morning was different.
- I cannot be yelling at cars like that with Gavin in the car. Okay, I will tell the truth...and it is - Gavin was in the car- HOV all the way!-
All right, back to why kids like to go to work? I noticed Gavin was paying attention to everything on the way to work. Lights, Cars, Trucks, Diesels, and ah yes, the BIG BUILDINGS. Those very things as I see as a pain, he found delight. I realized as an adult, when you get in the daily grind, you mostly see the negative in things and not the positive. He absolutely loved having a desk, making a phone call, and working with my piers. He rejoiced at going up into a tall building to have lunch. I did get a ton of people staring at me with my boy (being downtown) on a work-day; but they were good stares! Folks smiled at me, seeming as if they were giving me applause and approval for spending the day with my son.
The afternoon got more complicated, because I was planning on leaving at 1 pm, but I was delivering some budget books to a good friend (and client) and they were not finished. Gavin and I were not able to leave until 3 pm and we still had our delivery. He helped me load the car, say goodbye to everyone and off we went.
HOV all the way- (that give me an idea-- never mind) Gavin fell asleep on the way to our delivery and it gave me some time to think about how serious we take everything throughout a single day. I know he had the best time....I could not wipe the smile off his face during the whole time we were "working." I know he had fun and learned alot. The funny thing is "Daddy may have learned, more!"
This is where you have (read) one of the "ah ha" moments - I learned to relax, look, listen, and see the positive in things during my daily life. Life is so short.
The next "ah ha" is to REMEMBER- Many times when you realize to see the best in everything... it only lasts---uh, er, em... two maybe three days.
So my goal is to REMEMBER-- Remember the smiling face of my four year old boy everyday, while I am working.....and yes, see the best in everything!
Thank you son, for teaching me a lesson........RELAX and SMILE~!


Wendy @ Ruen's on the Run said...

Great job blogging, Billy! Obviously, Jeff enjoys it himself every now and then! :)

Tanni said...

Thanks for blogging honey! I know that it will mean alot to Gavin to read it some day. :)

Love you - Tanni

Ashley McWhorter said...

Hey girl! What is your email?