Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There is nothing wrong with a little pink!

This weekend Gavin discovered his inner princess. If you know Gavin, he is all boy, but for some reason this weekend he decided to explore. Typically, he would refuse anything pink. I could not help but take pictures. I am sure someday, when he is a teenager, I will be grasping for some currency/ammo for Gavin to follow the rules. I know....I am a sneaky mommy! :)
I texted Billy a picture of Gavin while he was away and his response to me was... "WRONG!"

Love you honey! :)


Anonymous said...

Gavin makes a cute little princess/fairy - I bet he gets that from his day!


Anonymous said...

OH MY! Billy, please don't blame Kyla for pulling this out of your son. I'm sure he will return to blues & browns soon... now, your wife posting it for the world to see is another thing... HAHA