Friday, October 31, 2008

Gavin's Fall Festival

Billy had the privilege of attending Gavin's fall festival at his preschool on Wednesday. There was one other dad there so Billy was not alone in a slew of mom's. Thank you honey for going even though Gavin picked you over me! I won't hold it against him. :) I know it meant alot to him. Here are some pictures from the event. There is one picture of him and his "crush"...yes he has a crush. It is crazy that it is already happening. Gavin has informed me that I can no longer talk to her mommy. I guess that I embarrassed him one morning after talking to her mommy. I will try to hold my tongue in the future, but I am sure it won't be the last time that I embarrass him. Sorry G! :)

I bet you are asking where Gage & Grayson's fall festival pictures are? They are done on different days and different times; however, I did not attend theirs because they seem to melt down when they see me at school. I was not sure how it would go at the festival early in the morning so I decided to sit it out. There will be more parties and hopefully they will grow out of the meltdowns soon. :)


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