Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Pictures 2008

Here is a glimpse of our professional pictures. I went through them fast so if you want to see more, please go to the Chubbyfoot website. I am awaiting a CD of all the pictures taken so I am sure I will post more later.
We are off to Prosper again. Billy has UNT Homecoming with his fraternity Sigma Nu. Many of his brothers from the fraternity are going. It will be a nice guys weekend for him. I opted to go and hang out with Kathy so we can enjoy our kids together.



Wendy said...

I looked through them all and they came out great! You guys always have good family pics. Miss ya!!

brad & kammy said...

love them! we would have never known the drama of that day in your faces... so precious!

Kimberly Bledsoe said...

of course I love them too, and now Ryan has been saying all afternoon, "we need to go to see Gavin, Gage and Grayson. NOW!!" Glad they turned out so good... I love the b&w of the boys standing between you and Billy when you can only see you guys waist down!

Ashley McWhorter said...

These turned out AMAZING!!! I love them!!!!!