Friday, September 12, 2008

Y(IKE)S - Prayers Please!

If you don't know, hurricane IKE is scheduled to hit near Galveston, Texas in a few hours. Galveston is already starting to flood from the surge of water from the ocean. We are about 1 hour from Galveston and will be impacted from this hurricane; however, the local government has asked people from areas that will not be affected by a storm surge to stay in their we are staying. This will clear the roads for people that really need to evacuate. We will have strong winds (50-100mph), loss of power, trees down, possible flooding from rain, and possible tornadoes.

I fought the crowds at Wal-Mart yesterday and we do have supplies to get us through the next several days. We also both have full tanks of gas. I did have to go to 4 different gas stations to finally find gas. Scary! After the storm, we may find ourselves back in Prosper, Texas because of not having power for awhile.

Just to give you some comfort, we do have 2 rooms in our house that do not have windows and we will be sleeping (kids, at least) in those rooms while we wait out the storm. We are not concerned for our safety or we would evacuate. Our concerns are more about the aftermath of the storm.

Here are a couple of specific prayer request:

*There is a tree on one side of our house that is quite large and also leaning toward our house, please pray either that it does not fall or if it falls that it falls in the empty lot.

*Please pray that our children will sleep though most of the storm. It is scheduled to hit at night.

*Please pray for our friends the Koops - they have a beach house in Galveston.

*Please pray for our friends the Dragos - they have a beach house in Boliver.

I will post again when I can. If you don't hear from me for awhile it is probably because we don't have power.




The Ruen Family: said... know your family always have a room waiting here if you need it! You will stay in our prayers..Love you!!

Lisa said...

Hey girl, we're here if you want to play (after teh storm)! Passed by this morning and didn't see Billy's car so thought you left town. I guess we'll see how well these homes are made.