Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

Typically that saying has a negative connotation, but not in this case. After staying with gracious friends for an entire week, we are blessed to return the favor (to a different family). We returned home on Sunday to a nice cool house, but our friends the Gwin family (Mark, Marissa, Allison (17), Travis (12), Bethany (9), & Makenzie (9months) were not so lucky. Billy has worked with Mark for several years and he also lives around the corner from us. On Monday, we invited them to come and stay with us until their power comes back on. We are grateful to be able to help out. I love being able to see the dynamics of another family. My boys have loved all the extra attention and are all infatuated with Mackenzie. I am not sure if they want a baby sister or a girlfriend. Either way, there is something magnetic about her. Notice Gage in the picture trying to kiss her. :)

They are going on day 13 without power so please continue to keep everyone affected by this hurricane in your prayers.



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