Monday, September 1, 2008

A Weekend of Friends

We just got back in town from a long weekend with our dear friends the Lewis family. We went to Prosper, Texas to visit them and also to break in their new house...Gerwick style! We genuinely broke in their house. Gage gagged on some food and it came back up on their brand new tile and then Gavin peed his pants and some got on the floor. Thankfully everything ended up on nice washable tile. Messes aside, we had a wonderful weekend catching up with our friends. We were blessed to be able to also visit with a few other families from the area. The Hamby's, The Hanson's, & The Kaiser's. When you get such a large group of adults and young children together it is non stop activity. I will have to say that it is a little hard to have a meaningful conversation without getting interrupted, but it is such a joy to see our kids play together. The day will come when we can have conversations again, but for now, we can all share in the enjoyment of being parents of small children together. Thanks to all for sharing this journey with us.
We were unsure if we were going to come home this morning because of the hurricane in the gulf, but when we woke up the hurricane was headed toward Louisiana. Please say a prayer for all the people that will be affected by this storm.

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Kimberly Bledsoe said...

Looks like you had a great weekend, we can't wait to come and play on the waterslide (Ryan even said so when he saw the pictures)! Is the first weekend in October too late to play in the water? Of course not, that's the great thing about living in Texas!