Monday, September 8, 2008

Sugar Bugs?

Last week some time Gavin had some candy and I asked him to go and brush his teeth after eating it. He, of course, asked why and I said something like..."the sugar in the candy can cause cavities." He said "What are cavities?" And I said something like..."well, the sugar eats at your teeth like bugs and if you don't brush your teeth then you will get holes in your teeth." He looked at me puzzled and said "So, I have bugs in my teeth?" And I said, "not if you brush your teeth." :)

I guess the thought of having bugs in his mouth has really impacted him. He has brushed his teeth at least 4 times a day since that conversation without anyone asking him. Now...I know that technically he does not have bugs in his mouth, but sugar does break down the enamel of your teeth which then causes cavities. If bugs make him brush his teeth, then I am going with it. It is not any worse than the story of the tooth fairy, right? :)


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