Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun at the Lewis House

We had a fun filled time at the Lewis House...when we evacuated...still blogging backwards. Here are some pictures to prove it. The kids ate dinner every night together...all on one bench. After dinner, we all played with the kids. One night it was Game Show Time. Frank lined up all the kids on the coffee table and began an animated question and answer session. Notice Gavin & Gage holding their chins...they were saying hhhmmm! Too cute. On the same night, we had a round of giddy up, compliments of Billy.

A couple of nights before we left, we had a spinning/dance off in the back yard. I don't have pictures of this, but check out the Lewis' blog for video footage. :)

More to come...one of these days I will get back to real time (definitely a story in real time). :)


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