Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Week of School

The boys were suppose to start school this week, but only one made it, Gavin. He went Wednesday and Thursday. He loved all his new friends and teachers. He is already planning play dates with his new friends. I guess I need to meet some new parents. He behaved very well and received a gold star for both days. He is very proud of himself and so am I. I can not believe my baby is in Pre-K4. This time next year, I will be sending him off to 5 day Kindergarten. It will be a sad, but exciting day... especially since Gavin longs to be 5, 16 & 18. He can't wait to get a year (or 12 years) older and I just want time to move a little slower. I wonder why we only have 24 hours in a day? Wouldn't it be nice if we had 26 hours? You could get a little more done and time would move a little slower. Just a thought! :)

Gage & Grayson are fighting a cold and as I was getting them ready this morning, I decided that it would probably be better for them to stay at home. I think they were a little mad at me, but I was trying to think of the other kids instead of myself....because I would have loved to send them. :) Today has been one challenge after the other. I know that I am hitting the infamous terrible 2's and I am a bit scared because they can easily gang up on me. I know I am a big girl and I can take care of myself, but they are smart in their own right. LOL! Honestly, I love their curiosity and determination. I am excited for their world to expand. Here is a cute story of their world expanding.

Last night I was putting some laundry away and Billy was playing with Gavin. I guess we both thought the little boys were with the other one. It happens! As I came down the stairs, I realized that someone(s) was lurking in the kitchen. When I turned the corner, I caught Gage & Grayson in the refrigerator & freezer. I am assuming that Gage was the initial culprit (he did not eat his dinner so I am assuming that he was hungry) and Grayson followed suit (which he always does). Gage had pulled out the cherry tomatoes and they were eating them. Well...Gage was just biting them and throwing them in the floor and Grayson was eating them. I laughed on the inside, because they were so cute, but I had to set a precedent that they were not allowed to get food without least at 2. :) So off to time out they went. Do you know how hard it is to keep 2 two year olds in time out at the same time? It is a learned art and I am still in school. :)

As hard as it is being a mom, I love being a mom. I would not change a thing and I look forward to what they will teach me everyday. I pray for their little souls daily and I am so honored that God chose me to raise them. Even on the bad days, I am grateful!

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