Monday, September 15, 2008


Well....we made it through a very scary storm. Thank you for all your prayers. The kids all slept through the storm and no trees fell on our house. We are blessed. The area around us is a disaster area. We live in a heavily wooded area so sustained high winds (for what seemed like 8-10 hours) definitely did some damage. There were too many houses with trees on top of them. I will post some pictures soon.

We fled Houston today and we are back in Prosper, Texas with our friends Frank & Kathy. We were out of ice, water, food & oh yeah...did I mention that we do not have power and may not for 2-4 weeks? Boy, do we take electricity & food for granted. I have some fun stories to tell about not having power, but honestly right now I am tired so I will post more in due time. :)

If I have not talked to you and you live in my area, please e-mail me or call me to let me know that you are ok.

There are things I could complain about in this situation, but mostly I am just grateful.

I am grateful!
I am blessed!
I am sleepy!

Until next time,

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Ashley said...

Thinking of you! There is no power yet in your neighborhood. IF you decide to come home you are welcome to use anything in our house......we got power on Tuesday night.