Monday, September 29, 2008

Acts of Kindness

I am posting backwards because so much happened when we did not have power/evacuated. I am getting close to catching up, but I want to capture the time. People are still nice in this world. As we ventured to the Dallas area, we had several people /businesses do nice things for us and I wanted to share.

1 - Before we left Houston, our neighbor Robin gave us meat to cook on the grill since we were running out of food. Thanks Robin for a great dinner of hamburgers & chicken. :)

2 - Our first day after evacuating, we found ourselves at the Chili's in McKinney, Texas. Being the forth coming person that I am, I shared our situation with the waiter. He shared it with his manager and they (Chili's) paid for our lunch. WOW! We were not expecting that, but we graciously accepted. The bill was almost $40. Thank you to the Chili's in McKinney, Texas!

3 - One evening while we were gone, we decided to go to a local jump house. It is similar to Pump It Up. The cost was kind-of expensive per child, but because we were from Houston and had evacuated they honored their summer special (which had expired). We got 6 kids in to jump along with a pizza for $20. Thank you to the Prosper Jump House.

4 - While we were gone, Billy decided that my tires needed to be rotated so he took my car to Discount Tire. We have never been to discount tire with my car, but since we were from Houston, they rotated the tires on the car for free. Thanks Discount Tire!

It is nice to know that there are still kind people in the world. Did we need any of these things, of course not, but it was an act of kindness during a trying time. Thank you to all.


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The Rypples said...

Wow! That is awesome! Yes there are still kind people in the world and one act of kindness spreads like wildfire!