Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Value of the Monster Truck Game

I have to share another one of Gavin's prayers tonight. As usual, he was negotiating not going to bed and telling me that he wanted a choice other than going straight to his bed. I have learned it is easier to give him choices rather than argue my point so I told him that his choice was either to go straight to bed or have me take his monster truck game away so that he could not play it tomorrow. Of course he chose to go to bed; however, he did get the last word...in his prayer. :) His prayer was sounding very familiar except when he got to the end and said "God, please don't let my Mommy steal my monster truck game...I really like it." I did everything I could to refrain from laughing, but I was smiling inside. I praised Gavin for telling God what he had on his mind and I said good night. Looking back now, I could have taken the opportunity to explain to him that I was not stealing his game, but either way, he is talking to God about what is important to him and I have found a new currency. Yippee! :)

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