Saturday, August 23, 2008

Round and Round We Go

Today we took Gage & Grayson to the mall shopping...yes shopping! I am not sure what we were thinking. Our plan was to also go to the science museum. What did we discover on this trip? They officially do not want to ride in the stroller anymore. They lasted a whole 10 minutes without melting down. I decided to let them out of their stroller when Billy was paying for some shirts he had picked out. Well...let's just say that did not go well. I was trying to push the empty stroller while holding the hands of 2 two year olds. The stroller would not move and the toddlers were running in separate directions. I thought I could manage it, but the situation continued to melt down by the second. Thankfully, Billy came to my rescue quickly. We decide to take the stroller back to the car and drop it off. I really considered stopping our adventure at the car, but I am glad we hung in there for the boys sake! :) We walked all the way through the mall, toddlers in hand. We decided to eat at the food court, by the carousal. It is very entertaining for the boys. After lunch, Billy took them for a ride on the carousal and I watched. For any one who does not know me, I do not do well on spinning things. I am much better at watching and that still bothers me a little bit. Once they were finished, we decided that it was getting kind-of late so we would ride the escalators instead of the science museum. Note for people without escalator becomes an amusement park ride once you have children. The boys loved riding the escalators as we made our way back to the car. In the end, we all survived our trip to the mall without using a stroller and the boys are sleeping soundly. Mission accomplished! :)

We are missing Gavin like crazy and I have gotten some pictures from his adventures at his Grannie & Grandpa's house. I will post them later tonight or tomorrow.

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