Monday, August 18, 2008

Quietness Strengthens Your Faith

This weekend at FOTW pastor Kerry challenged us to a week of silence...well, not exactly the whole week, but 15 minutes a day with God and no talking. Do you know how hard that is? As a woman and a mother of three, I have so many thoughts and conversations going on inside my head. Many times there is so much going on in there that I can not even complete a sentence! :) Anyway, I can proudly say that I have taken the challenge and I have just completed my second day of silence with God. Just so you know, I hide in my closet to escape. I know it is kind-of weird, but I have found comfort in the dark, on my knees, in my closet. That's my place...what can I say. I am sure it has nothing to do with my love of shoes. :)

Both days as I went into my closet, I checked my watch thinking that 15 minutes was a really long time and I wanted to make sure to complete it. Both days, I have come out well beyond 30 minutes and spiritually fresh. What an awesome feeling! I have learned over many years of being a Christian that silence is typically when I hear God the most, but I can not say that I always practice being silent. I can say, however, that it is an overwhelming feeling when you hear God. He has spoke to me both days in different ways.

Yesterday, in my silence, I was trying not to think or talk to God, but be present in the silence. Some where in the silence, a question popped into my head "Why do I look forward to things I shouldn't? I went though a list of things in my head: Why to I look forward to coffee in the morning, cookies, chips, soft drinks, a glass of wine? It was as if God cut me off in mid thought and said "Look forward to me! Look forward to spending time with me. If you do that, nothing else matters." WOW!

As I started my quite time today, I was looking forward to what He was going to impress upon my heart. As I sat in silence, my senses were heightened and my ears listened to raindrops pound on my rooftop. Ironically enough, I had just gotten off a blog called Bring the Rain ( If you have a chance read it, this mother is amazing and has remarkable faith. In the blog, she explains why it is called Bring the will have to read to find out. Anyway, as I sat in the closet in silence, the rain became symbolic for me nurturing my faith through silence. If plants don't have water, they will not grow and will eventually die. If I don't have quite time, then my faith will not grow, eventually growing stale. I don't want to be stale in my faith. I want to look forward to spending time with God and watering my spirit with daily quite time. WOW...all this happened in 2 days of silence. I wonder what He will say to me tomorrow. Praise God!

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Preecemom said...

How inspirational! Thanks. Quiet time has always been a problem with me and it has been weighing on me a lot lately. Your blog was like a brick dropped on my head. Thanks for giving me the push I needed. Tomorrow I'm going to hit the closet (okay, maybe the kitchen table...)