Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

The other night we made cookies and took them to our newly moved in neighbors. I tried to capture a good picture, but as many of you know, it becomes a challenge with 3 kids. No one wants to look at the same time. After taking pictures we were off on our adventure. We were stopping at 2 houses to meet our new neighbors. As the welcome wagon arrived at the first house, Gavin rang the door bell...not once, not twice, not even three times....I think he made it up to four before I realized and got on to him. :) Then when our neighbors opened the door, Gage started to throw a crazy fit because we were giving the cookies away. We tried to introduce ourselves with all the chaos going on around us. These poor people were probably finishing dinner when their door bell rang multiple times with a bunch of crazy monkeys outside. Who knows what they were thinking, but they seemed really nice and appreciative of our chaos. I hope we did not scare them off. We went onto our next house and it did not seem any better, but we did get to meet our neighbors and that was a blessing. We came home a little overwhelmed on the whole experience. It makes you wonder if it is all worth it? The answer is yes....even though our attempt at meeting our neighbors was a little crazy, we are teaching our children to love their neighbors. As a mother, I have asked myself many times if what I am doing really matters. Even when I feel like no one sees what I do...God does...and in the end that is the only thing that matters.

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