Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the Blink of an Eye

Billy worked late last night so I decided to take the boys to the park after dinner. They were so excited. They walked with me hand in hand all the way to the park and we all played for over an hour. At one point, I sat and watched them playing together and I was enjoying the fact that I could just watch them and enjoy them. If you don't remember, Gavin is visiting his Grannie and having a wonderful time. Anyway, I have never had just the twins for any significant time by themselves. I was really taking time to enjoy their personalities and also the fact that I was only focused on two! I have two hands and two for each of them. When you add another child in the mix, you don't always have time to enjoy what each of them are doing in the moment because you are needing a third eye, hand or foot. I can say; however, that as the little boys are getting older...Gavin days are much more manageable than they seemed in the beginning. Thanks Grannie & Grandpa for the gift of enjoying my children individually and thank you for loving them so much that you want to spend a week with them.

As we were nearing the end of our park adventure, we had an unexpected mishap! Gage was walking underneath the small playground toward Grayson and myself and he started screaming. At first, I thought he might have walked into the pole or something like that because...honestly he and his brother are pretty clumsy these days. Just as that thought was entering my head, bees started to fly out from underneath the play set. Gage had walked into a nest of bees/hornets. He was screaming bloody murder and I was hoping that I could get Grayson out of harms way while comforting Gage. There is nothing like a little mommy adrenaline. I scooped both of them up and out of the park in seconds and carried Gage all the way home as he screamed the entire way. Just so you know....Gage is no light weight...he weighs close to 35 pounds. Thank God Grayson did not get stung, because we probably would have been in the ER. He is very allergic to bites....just like his mommy! Once we got home, I was able to evaluate the situation. He was stung 4-5 times. Two on his body and the other 2-3 were on his scalp. I am guessing that he backed into the nest and they stung his head first. I immediately gave him some benedryl and start looking for baking soda (which I did not have, bad mommy!) The benedryl held him off until Billy could get home with the baking soda. Baking soda takes the sting out. It is pretty remarkable how it works. He sat and ate a popsicle while I put the paste of baking soda on his bites. Grayson, of course, had a popsicle and some paste too...even though he did not need it. :) After they got washed up, they both got in our bed and watched Blue's Clues. If you are wondering why there are no pictures of the park, it is because I only have two hands, one for each child. I had a bottle of water in one pocket and cell phone in the room for the camera. Sorry! :)

Sharing this story really brings light to the phrase "In the blink of an eye!" So much can change in such a short time. I was enjoying my children and taking in the moment...and then BAM...everything changed. Life is like that, so don't take it for granted. Take time to enjoy the little things before your life changes in the blink of an eye. Blessing! :)

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