Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm A Mama's Boy!

We have recently noticed that Gage has a preference on what he wants to wear. I went in to get them up this morning and before I got them out of their cribs, I picked out their clothes for the day. As I went to put on the shirt I picked out for Gage, he refused to put it on so I asked him if he wanted to pick out his own shirt. He communicated with me non verbally, but I knew he meant yes. He was so happy when I opened the shirt drawer so he could see the shirts. I went though several with disapproval, until I got to the "I'm a Mama's Boy" shirt. He approved and was very happy with his choice. After changing Gage's shirt, I also changed Grayson's shirt because he always likes to be like his brother.

It is really funny to me how different they can all be. Gavin never cared about clothes. He would prefer to wear the same thing everyday if I would let him. :)

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Lisa said...

Welcome to my world. The beauty of it is that it's one less thing you ahve to think about. And everyone thinks it's cute when toddlers dress themselves. Win Win!!! Sorry about not being able to help tonihgt.. I was praying for ya'll during service though, not knwoing about the sting.