Friday, August 15, 2008

Congratulations to The Lewis Family!

Congratulations to our dear friends Frank & Kathy Lewis. They just sold their house and purchased a new house. Tis the season for moving. I have to tell a neat story about the blessing of their new home. Kathy called me one day and shared her up and down emotions of buying a new house. She wondered if they were making the right choice. I shared with her my story of buying a new home and how stressful it could be. Even though Billy and I had genuinely prayed over our decision and we knew we were making the right choice, we still had some anxiety. The day we went to sign the paperwork on the house was a very hot summer afternoon. There was no rain on the radar; however out of the blue, there was a small pocket of clouds which turned into a 5 minute thunderstorm. Of course, we went outside to see the storm because it was not expected. When the rain finished, we looked up in the sky and there was a beautiful rainbow. To us, it was a confirmation that we were making the right choice and God's way of showing us. I shared this story with Kathy not only share my experience, but also my faith. Several hours after Kathy and I talked, I received another phone call from her. This time she was the one sharing a story. She started telling me about a small thunderstorm that popped up in her area and that when she arrived home there was a beautiful rainbow in her back yard. She was shocked for many reasons. Rainbows are definitely not something that you see everyday especially after you heard a story from your friend about rainbows. She told me that after I shared my story with her, she thought to herself that something like that could never happen to her. Well it did! God is great and he reveals himself to us in many ways...sometimes in rainbows. Praise God!

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