Monday, August 4, 2008

Conflict Resolution of a Two Year Old

I have to tell a funny story about Gage & Grayson. We all went to church on Sunday and then went to Chili's afterwards to eat lunch. We were out and about longer than normal so I would say that the boys were particularly hungry on Sunday afternoon. Once our food finally arrived, we frantically split everything between the boys. We can still get away with ordering two kids meals for three of them. One of the items on their menu was mandarin oranges and once Grayson finished his, he proceeded to take an entire handful off Gage's plate and shove it in his mouth. Gage was beyond upset that Grayson took his food so he yelled at the top of his lungs and before Grayson even started to chew, he scooped all the mandarin oranges out of his mouth and put them back on Gage's plate. Does the 5 second rule apply with food in someone else's mouth? :) It did in this case because Gage was happy that he had his oranges back and Grayson moved onto something else on his plate. Sometimes you have to chose your battles wisely. I considered not letting him eat the oranges that were already in his brothers mouth, but then I would have opened a new can of worms. The positive in this situation is that they worked out their problems without any parent intervention or violence. Way to go boys!

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brad & kammy said...

my vote is that the 5 second rule easily applies. what's a bit of sharing between brothers, anyway?! love the stories!